- Update -

2011-10-21 06:17:22 by ImpactGames

Okay update of whats going on. Hopefully release is before Christmas!
- Adding classes
- Adding 3D engines (like Away3D or Alternativa3D perhaps for background)
- More weapons
- Optimization
- New game modes
- 100% right click functionality!
- Scroll zoom (maybe z for players without scroll)
- New website for beta (undecided)
- Developer's console for testers

Here's a picture of the game setup. You can tweak depending on the computer you have.
*Please note some of this areas in the game may be subject to change*

- Update -


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2011-10-23 21:50:20

Nice job. Keep up the good work. You should make the multiplayer mode so you can shoot at your opponent at the end of the tunnel and have barriers at in the way and for cover.