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New Update Coming Soon!

2010-10-15 18:44:14 by ImpactGames

So. It may take an extra week but the version 0.4 of 3D Without Glasses will have the main updates as followed...

1. Away3d Engine Build in
2. Complex Models Loaded In
3. First Person walk around with 3D
Others without Away3d
4. Hopefully my flash 3d first person shooter.
5. More demos

So the main update will by the away3d so be looking out hopefully this weekend or the next!

3D Test 0.3 this Sunday!

2010-10-06 06:51:29 by ImpactGames

I know a lot of people have been having trouble with the previous version but this one is looking like a charm. There will be...

5 new 3D rooms to test out.
Enhance zoom effects.
Motion tracking will be improved dramatically

Please look for it Saturday night of Sunday morning because this one's rocking!